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I have constantly had dark circles every now and then along with some occasional acne and even though the acne doesn’t bother me, dark circles and certain dark spots on my face do. Since I am not a fan of chemicals and face products (well I am constantly scared to use them what if I am allergic to something that I don’t know and my face breaks out?) which is why I stick by natural DIY face care.


Anything and everything that I can whip up in my kitchen is good to go on my face. I am sure a lot of you would be facing similar issues (Men and women alike).


I just discovered this amazing face pack that can be made easily and without the use of complex ingredients. I know too well the struggle we all face when something like this is in question and usually the ingredients are difficult to locate and very complex. I assure you this one isn’t and its also very effective.


Turmeric curd face pack

Ingredients –

1 teaspoon turmeric

Half a bowl of Curd

1 teaspoon honey

Lemon (if you want)


Instructions –

Mix all the ingredients together. Add enough curd to make sure the paste is not dripping off your face and that it’s thick enough to stay. Lemon is famously known for its lightening tendencies, but it can be left off. Apply it on your face, leave it on for approximately 15 mins and then wash your face with cold water.


Caution –

Make sure you don’t get it in your eye, both turmeric and lemon have stinging properties.


Turmeric is an amazing antioxidant and it you’ll notice considerable changes in the dark spot reduction after the third or fourth application.

I am a fan and I am not letting go of this routine anytime soon!

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