Men’s Wedding Looks Decoded

The wedding season has begun! There is a lot of fuss about what a woman has to wear to a wedding and men are left out. I think there’s equal fuss, after all who doesn’t want to look good.


  • Kurta Pajama – Tuxedo’s are suave but Kurta pajama’s can still melt a girl’s heart. If worn correctly they can make you look amazing. If you’re still not so keen on the idea of wearing Kurta Pajama to a wedding you can always step the game up by pairing it with a waist coat.
  • kurta-pajama


  • Sherwani – Sherwani’s are technically worn by the groom but you can always sport a dialed down version of them. If you want to go for the Indian traditional touch opting for a Sherwani would be great. The only drawback to this outfit is that it cannot be worn to just any part or event but weddings.



  • Dhoti Kurta – This may sound odd but the modern version of a Dhoti Kurta with a waist coat is actually a very cool outfit. It will not only help you stand out but will make up for the perfect wedding outfit, you can pair a traditional waistcoat to make the outfit look better.



  • Blazer and Pants – Want to look semi formal while going the traditional way? Pair a dark traditional Blazer with light trousers/pants and add a pocket square. You can wear jooti’s or oxfords with this look and you’re ready to roll.



  • Tuxedo – If it’s a high-end theme wedding with a black tie theme, buy a tuxedo. It will make you look sharp and handsome. The tux will come in handy for other black tie events too. Whether or not you’re going to wear it to the wedding a tuxedo is a must have wardrobe essential for men.


Make sure you wear the right colours and don’t go overboard, unless it’s your own wedding keep it simple !

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