How to arrange the best birthday party for your kids

Birthday Parties are exciting, fun and happening. More so if it’s your kid’s party and you are the planner. I always have butterflies in my stomach when I have to plan one. These Birthday Parties are like road trips: getting there is half the fun! Deciding on the theme, decorations and activities seem like part of the celebration itself.


But even a simple party requires planning, the sooner you start the better. The one most important rule to swear by is that the kids don’t want a big party or a huge bash. They are happy with a small one as long as they are made to feel special.

Here is a list of my party organization ideas which will help you get through successfully.


cartoon character theam

  • Choose a theme: It’s your kid’s special day so ask her to choose a party theme. It can be her favorite cartoon character, her favorite vacation spot – beach, jungle, Disneyland or even her favorite movie. Having a theme party is a lot of fun. You can choose decorations and food accordingly and even ask your guests to come in costumes. Kids just love the fantasy element attached to their party!


  • Decide the Budget: Very Important! Always try to work on a budget. It saves you from unnecessary splurging and also helps you narrow in on your choice of venue, the number of guests, menu, etc.


  • Prepare a list of invitees: If you have set a budget for the party, you must figure out the number of guests you want to have at the party. Just sit with your kids and family to chalk out a final list and accordingly send out the invites. It’s very easy to invite the guests with all the social media tools if you don’t have the time to go out in person. Make a Whatsapp group of all the people you want to invite and inform them of the date, time and venue.


  • Decide a Venue: Having a party at your home is the cheapest and the best option. It’s your comfort zone and it’s always easy to avoid those last minute goof-ups when at home. But if you want to have a worry-free event (especially the after party clean-up) then you can decide on a venue that offers a complete party package. The easiest and most attractive options being McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc.

Cake and Decorations


  • Cake and Decorations: The most special moment for your kiddo is to blow out the candles while everyone sings “Happy Birthday “song for them. A beautiful cake makes it all the more special. Select the cake design, size and flavor beforehand so that there is no last minute rush. Choose a design related to the party theme to add that extra special touch. Follow the same when buying the decorations. Go for theme related decorations. These days you can buy complete theme based decoration kits from retailers or online stores.


  • Get some attractive game prizes and Loot bags: Nothing pleases the kids more than taking back home some prizes and other goodies from the party. It won’t hurt you to shell out a little extra on game prizes for kids and adults alike. Some party organizers already include them in the package. Otherwise, just buy some extra candies, small toys, colors and put them in goodie bags.


  • Food, Food, Food: Serving a lot of snacks and finger food is a good idea. Kids love the stuff they can eat-on-the-go while they are having fun at the party. Get stuff like cupcakes, chicken or potato nuggets, nachos, French fries, etc. It’s easier to clean-up as well after the party is over, food items with gravy can lead to a lot of mess with kids running around.


So, the next time you plan a party for your kids, just don your creative hat and throw in a lot of imagination. Organizing a great birthday party for your kid is great fun provided you put in a little bit of planning.

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